Loans from Lenders

Get the loan you need from the right lenders.

For a large range of business needs or personal objectives it may be a good idea to get a loan from the right lender.

Long Term Loan, or Short Term Loan? What is the best choice?

It all comes down to your needs, be it personal or business objectives. Sure, you have to consider the cost and the terms, as it can all be very different, just as an example, terms and conditions of a loan to buy a house, that you intent to live in, can be one thing, and terms and conditions from a loan provided by a lender funding you to buy an established business, like a power plant, eventually, a distribution company, or a network of shops, or something else – it’s a different approach.

This is obviously one of many reasons why you need personal assistance from a loyal, highly qualified professional team, such as the one coming from Garanta Consulting.

Working on behalf of our clients to arrange funding, loans, mergers, acquisitions, private equity funding, venture capital funding, start-up loans,

Introducing our clients and its business ideas, the business in need if money, to carefully selected investment funds, investment bankers, lenders, loan providers, venture capital firms, specialized banks, “in-house” investment funds,  hard money lenders, angel investors, with the objective to find a good fit and a “win-win” situation for both the investors and our client.

Preparing with highly qualified professional teams the required financial and legal structures, including the creation and the administration of companies, investment funds, local companies, international companies, offshore companies, other necessary SPV’s and organizations0f in order to better and easier help our clients.

Our team, our international associates, are able to provide a complete and reliable range of services to our clients on a truly worldwide scale.

To contact us please send a short email to: with a short description of you and of your area of interest as well as of your phone number and if clear and relevant, someone will contact you as soon as possible, relevant to your area of interests, location, your issues and so on.

To find investors, lenders, investment bankers, venture capital firms, investment funds, private equity investment organizations, and other funding sources that may provide you the money, the capital you need for your business ideas, visit:

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