Legal and Lawyers

Legal Issues & The Lawyers Handling Them

We work with, and, if necesarry, we hire highly qualified, specialized, professional legal advisers and lawyers to handle each and every aspect of your personal and business interests.

Can We Avoid Legal Troubles?

Surely, the best way is to get things organized extremely well in advance, so legal troubles never arise. However, if there are legal issues that need to be clarified, or handled, this is why Garanta Consulting is here.

What if I Already Have Some Legal Problems or I Was Already Accused?

Even if you have certain accusations that you are facing, we will prepare a specialized team of highly qualified professionals to fight and protect your interests, whatever the accusations you are facing, even if the accusations refer to tax issues, or other commercial or criminal charges.

What if I Want to Keep Things Confidential?

All activities will be handled by our loyal team, observing the highest degree of confidentiality and privacy, with the clear objective to protect your businesses.

A Personal Assistant appointed by Garanta will help you and will act as a direct liaison, so you do not have to talk to too many experts so you can save time, whatever the issue.

Your Personal Assistant will handle all your communications with all required third parties, using when necessary the available expertise of each team member and of all experts, lawyers, consultants, other contractors, locally and internationally.

Garanta Team is a multidisciplinary partnership of highly qualified professional Business Consultants, Lawyers, Accountants, Economists, Tax Consultants and others, specializing in the provision of business consultancy, management, legal and administrative services to international business and individuals on a worldwide scale, in the fields of international and local tax planning,  company formation in many jurisdictions around the world, legal & corporate services, trustee & fiduciary services, auditing, accounting and tax services, business administration, banking, virtual office facilities and general support services, whatever, whenever, wherever you need assistance.

Our team, our international associates, are able to provide a complete and reliable range of services to our clients on a truly worldwide scale.

To contact us please send a short email to: with a short description of you and of your area of interest as well as of your phone number and if clear and relevant, someone will contact you as soon as possible, relevant to your area of interests, location, your issues and so on.

To find investors, lenders, investment bankers, venture capital firms, investment funds, private equity investment organizations, and other funding sources that may provide you the money, the capital you need for your business ideas, visit:

Garanta International and Garanta Consulting and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Material on this page has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.